Changelog 2022-Apr-13

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

Today’s update deals with several topics that the Community has shared with us. Thank you! Among other things, various UI and detail improvements for the University and Syndicates have been applied. We are happy to announce that the narrative reinforcements just joined us! Read on for all details.


  • One-page application – The UI now updates more often when doing actions that don’t reload the page.
  • Courses – The University courses page had its logic revamped.
  • Area Description – We updated/added area descriptions to the University.
  • Text Optimizations – We updated several detail and feedback texts to better guide you, such as feedback when you have already enrolled in a course or accelerating a course.
  • Course Details – You’re now able to see details for all courses. Similar to available courses you can take, the detail part is now also displayed for courses with missing prerequisites or that are not offered at the local University.


  • Team – A new Omni-Reality Architect has landed on the station and has begun training! Expect an increased volume of Chronicles very soon!
  • Improvements – UX and Narrative Improvements being written across the board. Watch this space for their implementation next update.
  • Chronicles – Two new Chronicles being written, also for the next update.
  • Journal – Journal entries for completed Chronicles being worked on.


  • Licence – The styles in Syndicate Services application have been updated with a proper layout.
  • Profiles – When viewing another player’s profile in syndicates, the tabs are working as intended now (thanks for the report during the special team call).
  • Member list – A UI issue when viewing syndicate member management actions modal has been resolved. The overlay now has the proper size.
  • Scrolling – You won’t have multiple scrolls in syndicates anymore that could happen in the storage management.

Misc. Improvements & Fixes

  • Character Details – The detail page when checking non-player characters has been updated. Details like the genotype and description are now shown as well if known.
  • Career Tasks – When stats are full, after normal regeneration, attempting a career task now correctly reduces stats.
  • Messages – We changed the animation of feedback messages that are displayed at the camera: they now close on every action instead of piling up.
  • CHRONICLE – When you try to see “Person of Interest” while having a current Chronicle, there won’t be an exception anymore.
  • Bank – The background image of the Bank has been updated.
  • FAQ – The help now reflects the correct max. level of 27.


Stargazer for the Tau Station team