Cloning in Tau Station

One of the greatest advancements in our universe is the art and science of cloning. Citizens keep their clones up to date using their amygchip, so that on their untimely demise they have a new body, ready for more adventures. With three types of clones and various modifications, there are many possibilities…

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A Community From Outer Space!

As we highlight the many important aspects that make Tau Station the innovative game it is, our Community comes to the forefront of our minds. You, our Tau Station Community, have made the team smile from the beginning, with your support, patience, and little acts of kindness towards new players! Your welcoming culture means newcomers not only get helpful advice from veterans in the in-game chat, but it’s also become a tradition to send “welcome gifts” when we moved from Closed to Open Alpha status!Continue reading "A Community From Outer Space!"

The Missions of Tau Station

I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.

Mark Twain

One of the core pillars of Tau Station are its missions. They are the main medium by which you can experience the many stories of our galaxy, how we introduce you to its denizens and engage you with their struggles, their passions, fears, their loves and laughs. Our missions weave throughout the systems and their stations, tying in themes and genres while guiding you through each narrative. 

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Kickstarter rewards part two: All packages in detail

In our latest post, we explained the five gear booster packs in detail. These reflect the five (currently available) character tiers in Tau Station. Now it’s time to look at all Kickstarter rewards, so you can see everything that is available in each of our 19 amazing backer levels!

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Kickstarter rewards part one: 5 Exclusive Gear Booster Packs

The Tau Station Kickstarter offers 19 different packages for backers! Over the next two posts, we’ll be showcasing everything you can get in more detail. Today, we’ll start with the Kickstarter-exclusive gear booster packs, which are available for the 5 tiers that currently exist in Tau Station. Each tier covers 5 levels – so tier 1 is levels 1-5, tier 2 is levels 6-10, and so on.

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The Economy of Tau Station

As in any capitalist economy, life among the stars still entails activities related to acquiring or spending money. In the Tau universe, this involves two key currencies, each of which is made and used in different ways. Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics, so today’s blog aims to help you brush up on your interstellar economics!

From a media channel on the Mesh hosting personal journals and video-blogs, we bring you ‘Parenting with Alika!’ Below is a transcript of Alika’s segment-long episode on bonds and credits, so you too can remember why capitalism is such an enduring system!Continue reading "The Economy of Tau Station"

Kickstarter Special: Combat

As if the dangers of airless vacuum, cosmic radiation, and de-pressurization risk weren’t enough to worry about, life among the stars also entails the hazards of combat! The galaxy is a rough place, especially since the Catastrophe spread hardship all over. Even in deep space, violence is once again a fact of life. As a result, today’s blog looks at Tau Station’s combat system. Listen up, Citizen, and you may just learn something that saves your neck!

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The Systems of Tau Station

Today, we want to have a look at how far Tau Station has come since we first shared our galaxy with you in 2016. There are currently five solar systems implemented, which you can explore at your own leisure within the game, and one more is soon to launch (or so they say – Freebooters have a tendency to sidestep expectations). There are currently 83 systems we have planned as a grand total.

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Kickstarter Special: Comestible Co-Creation

Food can take you back, its aromas reminding you of home – whether home is a large residence you share with family, or your own private spaceship! In Tau Station there is a penury of food variations, thanks to 3D food printing technology. If you back us on the Comestible Designer tier on Kickstarter, we’ll cook up a new consumable item, whether food, drink or something in between. Bring comfort or innovation to the kitchens of Freebooter stations, where other Citizens will be able to buy your specialty.Continue reading "Kickstarter Special: Comestible Co-Creation"