The Chronic II – “The Vacuum or the Suit”

Hello Citizens. We are back with another chapter in the life of Charlie Grove- cosmic stowaway, and self-proclaimed Space Bukowski. Their transmissions are sporadic at best, and very little is known about the individual who composes these journal entries. They are disseminated over the Mesh at odd intervals and have been gathering quite a following. Without further ado, the latest installment of the “The Chronic”.

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Interstellar Enquirer: The Alien Report

Where in the deep, dark Black are they?
Did they cause the Catastrophe?
Are they watching us now?
BEHIND YOU! (Made you look…)
In THIS issue of the Interstellar Enquirer, I speak to Eddie “Chuckles” Warren of the Roswell Division and Doctor Suen Chen of the University of Tau Station, a expert in interstellar colonization.
Let’s dive straight in!

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The Midnight Spot

Hemingway’s Megamporium on Ross 248 is a unique place. A place where credits punctuate sentences and the only bonds people don’t break are the one’s in the bank. Join us for a late night talk show straight from the station everyone’s been talking about. A show about ancient entertainment and whatever else crosses Amanda Huggins’ mind. Welcome to the first installment of, “The Midnight Spot”.

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Interstellar Enquirer: UNAUTHORIZED Biographies! Admiral Yukio Hukon

Joe “Sparky” Sparkouski, lead journalist and editor for the Interstellar Enquirer is coming to a Tau Station Mission near you! Sparky is your man on the streets -your eyes in the stars! (don’t think too hard about that one).

This issue: UNAUTHORIZED! Biographies the big-wigs don’t want you to know about.

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Corporate Spotlight: Yasutsuna Corp

A renowned manufacturer of high-quality arms, the Yasutsuna Corp sells their weapons to any and all customers, regardless of their affiliation. The corporation has a vast reach throughout the star systems, supported by an honorable reputation and their premium product ranges.

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Intercepted. Correspondence from the Brig.

“It is standard protocol to intercept correspondence sent to or coming from restricted areas. Citizen! Information is safety. ” Sometimes these intercepted documents yield tasty government secrets -sometimes they’re just a slice of someone’s life, like this one from distant LeGuin.

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