Captains, enter your new cockpit!

In our Community video call with the dev team we promised you new Cockpits with upgraded functionalities for your vessels. So, let’s go to the Docks at the Port and check out our ship for a preview tour…

The Docks

The Docks are the place to view all the private ships arriving at the station you’re currently on. With our Captains in mind, the focus at the Docks is on their local fleet, with a clean overview of basic stats, and of course the ability to onboard.

The new interface is streamlined with familiar visuals from your character’s stats: with circles framing the icons for life support, hull, engines and fuel – all indicating percentages.

One private ship at the Docks, showing the name, stats and picture of the private cruiser with the option to "enter your ship"

What’s more, you may also inspect other Citizens’ ships and access basic information about each vessel.

A private shuttle at the docks and arrows indicate the ability to switch to further ships of yours that are docked here. An additional box lists ships of other Citizens that are docked here as well.

Enter Your Ship for total Control

Entering your ship leads to the brand new Cockpit interface.

Captains! All actions are now initiated from onboard your ship, such as planning flight paths, installing or accessing your ship’s storage, entering the storage management of your CORETECHS, ship patch ups or tune-ups (formerly refurbishing), refueling (a function previously performed at the Docks), training Intelligence, and the new option to check fuel prices (see below).

Cockpit view "on board" of a private Cruiser with the vessel's stats and multiple options as mentioned in the text.

The interface onboard your ship differs based on ship type. Pictured above is a Mantis class private cruiser without storage. Pictured below is a private shuttle with some storage installed.

Cockpit view "on board" of a private shuttle. Similar to the previous picture, but with a blue instead of brownish background.

Onboard your vessel you’ll also be able to access additional details and unit stats, such as the total flight time. Simply click on the ship class  found below the unit’s name to open a popup.

Pop-up with details of a private shuttle, including aspects like kilometers travelled, total flight time, mass, acceleration, max range and more.

Captains in Action

Enjoy more flexibility for all actions, such as boarding your ship while refueling, during tune ups, or while installing storage. 

Most actions can be performed onboard when your ship is docked. You now have the freedom to plan a journey; install or access your ship’s storage as well as your CORETECHS’ Item Management; all whist training intelligence. Patch up, tune up and refuel -and check fuel prices while you do so!

You may now pay for refuels directly from the safety of your bank account, avoiding the risk of being robbed while in transit between the bank and your vessel.

Installing Storage

Add storage to your ship at the Docks, undoubtedly the most comfortable way to transport your goods without the services of the Shipping Bay.

Pop-up with the option to purchase 50 slots of ship storage with it's duration and price of 14,7k credits.

Train Intelligence

Want to improve your Intelligence from the comfort of your cockpit, safe and secure from hostile attacks? Captains benefit from this onboard option, whether in mid-flight or docked. Read a book at your leisure and activate a learning enhancer to boost your Intelligence training.

The pop-up for training intelligence with a slider and option to boost the training by 50%

Self-repairs via Patch Up

Captains can now execute patch-ups and self-repair damage up to 75%, 80% or 85% max, depending on your skills. You can start the self-repair inside your ship while being at the Docks.

Pop-up with details about the Patch-Up option with it's duration, final percentage (in this case 85%) and price in credits.

This special action will require your constant attention though and you’ll be on your own, as you’ll be confined while patching up your ship. During the repair, you can still train your Intelligence, check flight destinations and fuel prices.

Repair Service: Tune Up

The tune-up option for your vessel, formerly known as a refurbish, provides 100% repair while reducing the chance of damage. This service is offered at the Docks and in contrast to self-repair, you can disembark your ship while paid technicians continue their work.

Pop-up to tune up the ship with details about this option, the duration and credit price.

Traveling: Plan Journey & Traveling

You’re the Captain: decide where to go and when, whether a nearby station or a Jump Gate in order to visit other systems.

A list of viable galactic flight paths, including the station name, level and authority, needed fuel, travel time and buttons to "fly there".

While in flight you can prepare for arrival at your destination by checking in on details and news about a station. You also have access to the archive, blogs, including the personal diaries of other adventurers, improving your knowledge of the Tau Station universe.

UI with the animation while travelling with multiple options as described in the text, e.g. access to information about the destination.

You may even see a new animation while traveling, if the option to view animations is activated in your preferences.

More options for Refueling

A new functionality has been integrated into your Cockpit at the request of the Community, providing flexible refueling to reflect local price changes.

Pop-up to refuel your ship with a slider to decide about the refuel amount, with information like price per gram, total price, duration and option to buy the fuel for credits.

New: Checking Fuel Prices

We know how important fuel prices and market fluctuations are to you. A new option allows you to view fuel prices on current system stations when docked, and those in the destination system when flying, optimizing planning and expenditure.  Options will be further expanded in the future.

Pop-up with a list of stations and the local fuel prices.

Captains, the update is near, let us know what you think!

Your Tau Station team