Call for applications: The next Citizen Council Election

In March, we published a huge UI overhaul with desktop version 1.0. As announced in the preview for that major update, Tau Station is getting weekly updates again which brings us to another important step: We want to have the frequent meetings with your Citizen Council again!

So, here we go: Let’s prepare for the next election!

About the Citizen Council

The Citizen Council (CC) is an elected board of community members who work closely with the dev team of Tau Station. Your representatives are an important aspect for the game development. That’s the reason why there is even a special section about the CC and a dedicated forum in our game!

The main purpose of the CC is to prioritize and prepare community topics, such as feature requests or improvement suggestions, for use in regular video calls with the dev team. During these sync meetings, the CC can raise topics and ask questions. Every now and then, we’ll share updated previews and insights about the current development in these special appointments.

For more details, please check the Council section in your CORETECHS.

Who can vote?

Everyone who meets the following two conditions can vote:

    • You must have played Tau Station in the last tenspan (10 days)
    • Your character must be at least level 4

Who can be elected?

In addition to the voting conditions, each CC candidate must also fulfill the following:

    • You are at least 18 years old
    • You have time to invest in your CC membership and role
    • You haven’t been banned from Tau Station for any period of time
    • You are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement

The election process & times

We have 3 phases to prepare everything, followed by the election itself. All preparation steps prior to the election will last for 14 days, the election itself will run for 7 days.

The phases of the Citizen Council election with: application, verification, promotion, and the election

1. Submission Period (14 days)

Please send us an email if you want to become a candidate for the election.

  • Start: 19th of May 2022 (213.02/00:000 GCT)
  • End: 1st of June GMT, end of day (213.15/99:999 GCT)
  • E-Mail: Send your application via email with your citizen name to

2. Verification Period (14 days)

We will check all applicants to ensure they match the criteria for becoming a candidate in the election. Everyone will be informed about the result and the next steps.

  • Start:2nd of June GMT (213.16/00:000 GCT)
  • End: 15th of June GMT, end of day (213.29/99:999 GCT)

3. Promotion Period (14 days)

All approved candidates are invited to write their vision statement, so all Citizens will know what they stand for. We’ll share their statements on our blog and in-game on the CC page. If you want to get an impression how it works, check out what the former candidates wrote.

  • Start: 16th of June GMT (213.30/00:000 GCT)
  • End: 29nd of June GMT, end of day (213.43/99:999 GCT)

4. Election Period (7 days)

The election will last for 7 days. A special character in Tau Station will collect all votes via game mails. Details will be shared in a further post later.

  • Start: 30th of June GMT (213.44/00:000 GCT)
  • End: 6th of July GMT, end of day (213.50/99:999 GCT)

The results will be announced a few days after the election has ended, and the Citizen Council page will be updated to show the new elected board.

In case of questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through in game chat, on our Discord or via email. If you’re thinking about applying, it could also be a good time to ask current Council members how they organized work, how much time they invested, etc to help you decide. Good luck!

StarGazer for the entire Tau Station team