Update Changelog 2020-Dec-02

Dear Citizen,

This update, is very precious to us and I really hope it will bring you a beautiful smile. There is so much work behind it. Not everything will be obvious to you, hopefully, but one of the core element is the release of version 1 of interactive combat. We are really looking forward to your feedback and will add it to the other functionalities we are currently working on.

Oh, one more thing, maybe you want to consider playing combat horizontally, as in 2021 everything will be better this way 🙂

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StarGazer waves farewell

Saying goodbye is never easy, but in 3 days I will disembark from our beloved space station. After nearly 13 awesome cycles with all of you, team and Citizens, my journey has come to end. I am sad, but at the same time very grateful and full of love. Knowing about the upcoming features and awesome (not only nice!) UI upgrade, I see a bright future for Tau Station.

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A Community From Outer Space!

As we highlight the many important aspects that make Tau Station the innovative game it is, our Community comes to the forefront of our minds. You, our Tau Station Community, have made the team smile from the beginning, with your support, patience, and little acts of kindness towards new players! Your welcoming culture means newcomers not only get helpful advice from veterans in the in-game chat, but it’s also become a tradition to send “welcome gifts” when we moved from Closed to Open Alpha status!Continue reading "A Community From Outer Space!"

Kickstarter rewards part two: All packages in detail

In our latest post, we explained the five gear booster packs in detail. These reflect the five (currently available) character tiers in Tau Station. Now it’s time to look at all Kickstarter rewards, so you can see everything that is available in each of our 19 amazing backer levels!

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Kickstarter rewards part one: 5 Exclusive Gear Booster Packs

The Tau Station Kickstarter offers 19 different packages for backers! Over the next two posts, we’ll be showcasing everything you can get in more detail. Today, we’ll start with the Kickstarter-exclusive gear booster packs, which are available for the 5 tiers that currently exist in Tau Station. Each tier covers 5 levels – so tier 1 is levels 1-5, tier 2 is levels 6-10, and so on.

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Meet the Crew: Another Fantastic Trio

Welcome to our fourth presentation of “Meet the Crew”, in which we introduce you to the teams behind Tau Station. You already met the narrative, tech and audiovisual teams. Let’s continue our tour by shining a spotlight on four team members dedicated to supporting Tau Station – from assisting our space-loving Community, to undertaking organizational work in the background, and even designing the game itself!

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Meet the Crew: A.R.T. and the H.R.S. Team

Words can paint a picture, and a picture is worth a thousand words – in Tau Station, our prose and paint complement each other, bringing stations, characters and objects to life. In the third episode of our “Meet the Crew” series, we’re delighted to introduce you to our Aesthetics Regulation Taskforce (A.R.T.). This three-strong team is responsible for everything you see in Tau Station, from characters to backgrounds, buttons to icons.

You will also meet our Chief Harmony & Resonant Synthesis Technician (H.R.S.), whose upcoming music and sound work will add an amazing new layer to Tau Station’s atmosphere!
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Meet the Crew: Tau Station’s Engineering and Vessel Mainframe

Welcome to the second episode of our “Meet the Crew” series, introducing you to the teams behind our beloved scifi indie game Tau Station. Today, you’ll meet our technical team, responsible for Engineering (back-end) and Vessel Mainfraime (front-end).

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Writing Challenge: Create a Collectible for København!

København is one of the first stations most Citizens encounter in their interstellar journey, one that helps set the tone of the universe. Having found the perfect collectible for Tau Station, it’s now time to find the item that perfectly captures your own experience in København! As with the previous challenge, you will be creating a description. The resulting collectible will be carried by all Citizens.

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