Meet the devs: Join the video call on June 15th, 19:00 UTC

Buckle up space travelers and get ready for the next video meeting with the Tau Station crew! As usual, Leila will present a status update about recent game developments, with all Community members kindly invited to ask questions and share any feedback with us.

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Update Changelog 2023-Feb-02

Plenty of additions have been implemented to Tau Station with our first update of 2023. The big task of porting pages to react has been successfully continued which brings us to the major good news: Music and sound effects have been applied to the game! On top of that, your character has an upgraded inventory and there are seven new missions ready for you to explore.

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Talk with the Team: Open video call on November 30th, vote for the time

On Wednesday, the 30th of November 2022, another video call will take place for all our Community members. Join the crew for an open discussion to talk about the future of Tau Station.

The first step is to find the best time slot that allows most people to participate. You are kindly asked to provide your time preferences.

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Update Changelog 2022-Oct-07

Our latest game update contains three new chronicles, introduces several intriguing characters, and presents to you, Citizen, new functionalities for the Emergency Shuttle, as well as the ability to equip Tier 6 stims into your combat belt. A batch of pages has been ported to react and you should have a look at the special changes for the Gym!

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Community Spotlight: Sotheryn’s Citizen Blog

For today’s Community Spotlight, we are pleased to introduce you to the work of Sotheryn, one of the many Citizen Blog bloggers. Sotheryn’s writing, unique in tone, and stylized to emulate intercepted correspondence, inspires debate around the topic of Cloning.

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