Our Git workflow

We use Git as a version control system in our development process and GitHub to host repository. Our workflow is similar to¬†git-flow, but with some simplifications since our product doesn’t use versioning – the only actual version of our game is production. Well, it’s not completely accurate as there are also snapshots of the game on our internal servers, but production is the only version which is accepted for bug reports.

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Mission Builder Reloaded

More than simply linear paths or interactive stories, our missions in Tau Station provide a unique adventure in immersion. To advance through the universe of Tau Station, many difficult decisions await. Missions are one of the main sources of experience in the game, and completing them will help you to understand the Tau Station universe better. Passing them won’t be easy, however.

In order to provide the narrative team with enough level of creative freedom, we are constantly improving and developing new features for our mission authoring tool: Mission Builder. Now it’s time to uncover some of the internal details and show what goes on the behind the scenes while playing in Tau Station.

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