Artwork update: Items of Opportunity

The latest game update featured new artwork. Previously, we added many new 3D images for stims, weapons, armor, and special epic items that can be found in Syndicate campaigns. But there are also various more everyday objects that are part of life in Tau Station: items you can find while scavenging in the Ruins or crucial items needed to complete discreet work.

Scavenging in the Ruins

There are already several materials one can find when scavenging the ruins. For upcoming features like crafting and the creation of Syndicate buildings, such resources will be very important. Some of them are Nanowire, Scrap Metal, a Construction Matrix, or a Circuit Board.

Red and black wires are tangled together, waiting to be used for some purpose or other.A pile of scavenged scrap metal. There are silver cylinders lying on top of rusted panels and bent poles.d in some new construction.

An electronic component with metal paneling and electrical wires attached to one side. An electrical component made from black metal. It is flat and has a flashing yellow LED display.

Discreet Work Items

Several discreet work tasks contain special items that you need to pick up or find in order to deliver them. Below are some of the artwork updates for these, replacing the old placeholder pictures. But we won’t reveal everything, there are still a few further assets for you to discover while playing Tau Station. Here’s just a small sample:

The rusted sculpture, for example, has 0.35 kg. It is a tiny copy of a very famous pre-cat building from Paris that opened its gates to the public on 31st of March 1889 (old earth time). The original construction was 324.82 meters high and weighted around 10,100 tons (encumbrance issues guaranteed, even for the strongest Citizens ^^).

A small, brown, rusty version of the famous Eiffel Tower.

This next special object has become quite famous in the Community. There are several discussions and even Citizen texts in which the goldfish has been mentioned. This rare mission item has a weight of 3.2 kg.

A goldfish bowl with a tiny, but shiny goldfish inside.

The Jewel-Encrusted Egg is a decorative egg. Many Ruins Rats have been scavenging day and night to find one, knowing it’ll earn a big bunch of credits due to its rarity.

A bronze, egg-shaped piece of metal adorned with ornamental brown decorations and patterns.

This new asset shows a small, unremarkable yellow rock. Its composition is unclear, but closer inspection reveals a seam running across it.

It looks a bit like a small piece of amber, but with a lesser tone of orange. Its shape is close to corn kernel.

Fresh food is extremely rare in our universe, but it does exist. The box of strawberries has 0.8 kg while the crate of fresh fruit is weighing 5 kg.

A small grey box, full of fresh red strawberries with their characteristic green leaves.A light gray wooden fruit box with many red apples and 6 single yellow bananas on top.

New weapons on top

As weapons (and armor) take an important role in gameplay, the latest update also introduced a few new gear pictures. These four weapons again reflect a more used or handcrafted style as per the preference expressed by the community in recent Social Media voting.

The Ragtag Handgun is a common tier 1 item, assembled of scavenged parts, dealing electric damage. For those who prefer closer combat, the quite futuristic Tesla Hammer is the right choice. This rare tier 1 weapon is even dealing 2 different damage types.

A long-barreled handgun with a black handle, made from variously colored pieces of scavenged metal. Screws and welding hold the pieces together.A long-handled hammer with a large head featuring various wires and electrical connections. The handle is silver metal with a grip at one end. The head is a wide cylinder, with both ends designed to deal maximal electric damage.

The Charged Tonfa is an uncommon tier 2 short range weapon. The Heat Scimitar is a blade, but it’s only available for Citizens who reached at least tier 4 (level 16).

A long-handled club with a charged head. It's made from dark, dull metal with a black rubber grip around the handle. A sword with a long, curved blade and a black handle decorated with gold highlights.