A Sneak Peek on the Upcoming Avatars

An important feature for your customization which will improve the look of Tau Station, even more, is getting closer! We’re happy to share a sneak peek about Avatars with you…

Soon, you will be able to choose how your alter ego in Tau Station looks; Avatars are about to be introduced! The display and use of avatars will affect many UIs in the game, and in order to shorten the waiting time, various updates will complete the complete avatar feature step by step. Today, you can enjoy first impressions about what the team has been working on, but there is so much more to come.

Present Citizens: How to select your Avatar?

With the first part of the avatar update, all existing Tau Station citizens will be able to pick an avatar. Currently, the dev team is improving your preferences page and adding the option to choose your first avatar. And yes, you’ll be able to make further changes later too; you’re not forced to stick to a selection forever. Especially if you change your Genotype, you might want to reflect this with a different picture that meets the according characteristics.

UI screenshot of the preferences page where you modify your settings. An arrow is pointing at the new avatar image on the upper left of the character summary. A placeholder picture shows a question mark instead of a face, below there's a link to "choose your avatar".
Open your preferences page to select your character picture

New Citizens: Start Update

But with one of the next updates, the game start will be extended. The first thing you do when you begin your personal adventure in Tau Station is theĀ  character creation. The current interfaces will get a graphics update and the avatar selection will becomeĀ part of the onboarding process: it starts with the Genotype selection, followed by picking your avatar, and concludes with choosing your screen name.

Screenshot of character creation step "select genotype". An image on the left shows a female and male of the "mall" genotype with a description beside it highlighting these genotypes' strengths and weakness. Below there are buttons to "choose mall genotype" or to change it to another type.
Step 1: Genotype selection
Avatar selection UI, showing 4 characters (2 female, 2 male), a black female dressed in white with and shiny blue eyes is selected. There are buttons to slide back and forth to further images and a button to finalize this choice.
Step 2: Avatar selection
The UI of step 3 shows the female avatar that was selected before on the left side. On the right side there are 2 text boxes. The upper (small) one asks for character name a new players wants to use, the lower (bigger) one asks for an optional character description.
Step 3: Choosing your name and entering the (optional) description.

On mobile devices, you perform the same steps, but in the mobile UI version.

2 mobile UI screenshots: compared to the previous desktop versions. It's a slim design with different arrangement. Thus, the genotype selection shows the 2 exemplary characters first, the description and buttons below. The avatar selection shows 2 rows of 3 avatars each; buttons for scrolling and final selection are at the bottom.

More to come

The avatars will be presented in various places in the game. We plan to add more assets over time to offer even more choices while also extending the variety for the Community. Most importantly, with the first part of this feature, your character’s image will be shown above the personal character summary (level, etc.). Later, the alter egos will appear in places like the Syndicate members list, combat, and so on… We’ll keep you posted and share more details and pictures soon!

A well-muscled man with a dirty grey t-shirt and what appears to be engine oil splashed up his arms. He has short, curly black hair and high, well-defined cheekbones. The man has thin lips and pale brown eyes.

A white woman with a petite nose and chin-length brown hair. She has striking pale yellow eyes and a smattering of freckles across her nose. She wears a navy blue top with a v-neck and sleeves to her elbows.