A Sneak Peek at the Upcoming NPC Avatars

As we recently shared, our Aesthetics Regulation Taskforce has been cranking up their CORETECHS well past eleven this cycle! This time round, they’d like to introduce you to some of the newest denizens (or newer looks of older denizens) of the galaxy! Keep reading for a look at some gorgeous avatar artwork!

Sergeant Rosa is tasked with the job of receiving reports or complaints at the front desk of the Daedalus Consortium Security Center. She smiles pleasantly and maintains a calming, collected tone.

A stocky looking freelancer who has taken name branding to the next level, Garfunkel seems to hope his name will increase his prospects of garnering lucrative opportunities in the Employment Center. When not browsing the job ads he tries to catch the eye of prospective employers and waggles his bushy eyebrows at them meaningfully, trying to draw attention to his distinctive call sign.

Chea is a tall, lean individual whose face bears creases at his brow, where the frequent furrowing of his eyebrows has left deep tracks. He makes eye contact for too long and stands too close when he talks to you.

Martin’s dark eyes scan the perimeter of the prison compound. He pauses now and then to scratch at his cheek, which sports a beard a few days old.

A middle aged woman with handsome features pats the dust off her overalls. Her build and bearing suggest that she is both strong and fit, and she moves like someone who is no stranger to many cycles of hard work. Long, curly black hair frames a pair of large, green eyes that seem tinged with something akin to sorrow. A strong jawline leads to a pair of lips pursed in thought.

Shrub is a stocky Colonist who tends to the insanity that is the career advisory. More a custodian to the various ‘ingenious’ delivery methods many of the station’s denizens have created here, he is often grumpily tending to or maintaining some odd device or another. His grizzled salt and pepper whiskers often vibrate with some frustration or another and his overalls hold every type of tool imaginable.

Finally, below are the current three favorite NPC characters of our 3D artist!

At a first glance, Barium’s metallic silver skin looks like an android’s, but closer inspection reveals patches of his reddish-brown skin between bionic modifications. His robotic arm contains a small screen, through which he tracks various fluctuating graphs, and his hair looks more like a bundle of wires than a ponytail. Despite his metallic looks, a warm floral smell surrounds him.

Like many of Tianjin’s Dummies, Talisa’s appearance is designed to attract attention. Her shaved head is adorned with striking white-ink tattoos, standing out against her dark skin. She wears a sparkling blue piercing above each brow, which creates an unusual impression against her steely Harsene eyes, all white with a hard black pupil in the middle, surrounded by a colorless and almost imperceptible iris. An intricately-designed bodysuit shows off her well-formed limbs, teasing Patrons’ eyes with a series of elaborate cutouts.


Portia Drax has a stern presence honed over many cycles as the port’s principal flight instructor. The insignia of a lengthy career adorn the sleeves of her jumpsuit, commanding the respect of all who visit her flight school.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief introduction to some of the denizens of our galaxy, you will be able to see them in person with the upcoming update that is just about to arrive via the next jumpgate!