A Personal Message of Thanks to Bordeaux Games and Magelis

Image says "Thank You!" and shows the logos for Bordeaux Games and Pôle Image Magelis.

A personal message of thanks to Bordeaux Games and Magelis,

Developing a first game is a lonely journey.

Knowing that the Tau Station team is currently more than 20 people, it might come across as a surprise to talk about loneliness.

More than 20 passionate, talented, and dedicated people working with you should not make anything lonely.

Except that the reality of game development is not only game development. It’s also about discovering a new industry with its own code, about understanding the knowhow but still protecting your vision.

It’s also sometimes about being confronted with the reality of your endeavor, with the fact that you are gambling your life away and you do not know yet what is right. You know what you want, you know what you are aiming for, but making it happen is something entirely different.

It’s about keeping going when you do not know how anymore, when you are exhausted. It’s about being able to say no to your team, or know when to back away and let them have their say. It’s about facing the industry when they are telling you that your vision has no future. It’s about endless paper work and money concerns.

That’s where game clusters are such a breath of fresh air. They are here to help and support you. They are here to share their experience and help when needed. They are not representing the industry; they are people like you trying to make something happen. Like you, they know the pain and the sleepless nights. Like you, they know the doubts and the drive that keep you going.

Tau Station has been very lucky to join Bordeaux Games, the cluster in the Aquitaine region in France. It’s a small cluster with a few people giving everything they have to support local studios. In November 2015 they signed an agreement with the Pole Image Magelis Angoulême, and their combined efforts have provided us with precious support.

Between our endless questions asked to the Bordeaux Games president, Fabrice Carré, and his unwavering support, to the ability to attend a plethora of events and meet other game developers, Bordeaux Games and Magelis have provided more that I could have asked for.

Therefore, just thank you. Thank you for everything you are doing for the studios in the Aquitaine region and for us.

It’s very much appreciated.