A Community From Outer Space!

Tau Station - A Community from outer space

As we highlight the many important aspects that make Tau Station the innovative game it is, our Community comes to the forefront of our minds. You, our Tau Station Community, have made the team smile from the beginning, with your support, patience, and little acts of kindness towards new players! Your welcoming culture means newcomers not only get helpful advice from veterans in the in-game chat, but it’s also become a tradition to send “welcome gifts” when we moved from Closed to Open Alpha status!

Wishing everyone a “Happy New Cycle”, the moment our metric game clock starts a new cycle (every 100 Earth days) has also become another key tradition induced by the Community. Our team was excited to pick up this special salutation when celebrating cycle 200 – there was even an in-game event for it! And we have many more celebrations in the works…

Outstanding Community Projects

Even during Tau’s Closed Alpha, a few testers were already starting the first Community projects. It was an amazing experience for the entire team to see this level of dedication so early!

Community Spotlights

We did not expect to start our Community Spotlight series so early, from the Open Alpha phase… but were happy to do so! Each “Community Spotlight” highlights an outstanding contribution by Tau Station’s Citizens. These can be pictures, text, or generally helpful, creative, charming or funny activities…

The first Community Spotlight awarded the “Tau Station Player’s Guide” in April 2018. Several well-known Community members have still been working on it. Their nicknames have been immortalized by adding special gear bearing their name.

The first Community Spotlight header

The most beautiful thing is seeing how many projects were created by various Citizens cooperating – helping take care of each other’s projects, and working together to organize the content each project would cover.

Links to Community Projects right in the game

In order to help new Citizens find the most useful fan sites, and to show our appreciation for all the time and love that has been invested into each Community projects, we have included links to these websites and services under the Help menu, right in Tau Station itself.

Screenshot of the help page in Tau Station, listing the community sites/projects

Tau Station’s development background in Perl became a valuable gift for everyone! As various Perl developers play Tau Station, all Citizens benefit from their expertise and manifold tools that have been created by several Community members. This is an amazing, exciting and unique contribution, and we want to thank you for bringing so much love to the game, both for its Citizens and the team!

Living Community Work: The Citizen Council

Community is important to many game projects, and rightly acknowledged as such, and every project interacts with their Community differently. In Tau Station – where players are called Citizens – we implemented transparent procedures for our dedicated Community institution called Citizen Council, or CC.

What is the Citizen Council (CC)?

The Citizen Council is made up of representatives – members of the Community elected by other Citizens to be in the Council. Representatives summarize and prioritize topics (such as feature suggestions, technical improvements, etc.) and bring them to us by having regular meetings with the Tau team. The CC also informs Citizens about meetings with our staff, just as we do via recaps (such as this example about the current state of game development in May).

The CC was first announced in December 2018, First Elections took place in 2019, and since then we’ve been working closely together! The team has used the CC to share project insights during development as transparently as possible, even when it meant admitting when the game was struggling, or when bigger features became more time consuming than we originally planned.

Citizen Council as a real game Feature

The CORETECHS contains all sorts of information, from the in-game Archive that details stations, factions, corporations, and more, to blogs where Citizens can share their adventures through Tau Station. Since most important features are housed in the CORETECHS, we made sure the Citizen Council had its own dedicated section in it as well. It explains how the CC works and lists the current representatives, with an easy option to get in touch. There is also a dedicated forum to publicly discuss task prioritization and share status updates to all Citizens.

The Citizen Council page in the CORETECHS

Your Feedback

Another aspect we don’t want to forget are the many reports and comments you share with us, either via in-game bug reports, through the forums, e-mail or Discord. We want to give you the best quality game we can, and you’re helping us making it happen!

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Let’s continue this awesome journey together! We’re so happy and grateful we have such a unique Community supporting us from outer space!

StarGazer for the entire Tau Station team