100 Days of Open Alpha: A Personal Letter

Today, the Open Alpha has been available for 100 days. What a journey.

Definitely not a swift one but an amazing one nonetheless.

To my teams, I would like to tell each one of you that I see you.

A photo of Leila Contraire.I see how much you are believing in Tau Station and how much you are giving to make it happen.

I see the risks that you are taking.

I see the pain.

I also see the talent, the professionalism.

I have always believed there was a different way to manage a company. That profit should not be the main objective and only together we could succeed.

I have always believed it was possible to respect the people we were working with, trusting them and giving them the freedom to be the best they can be.

I have often been lectured about my management style, I have also been disappointed, questioning my own philosophy. However, on the client side or on Tau Station, you have proven me right.

When I had the accident, you should have abandoned the boat, as it was getting obvious that my health issues were endangering everything but you stayed. You made sacrifices. And you gave me even more than I had the right to ask of you.

In front of you, I am simply humble.

To you who have been playing Tau Station: Thank you.

Thank you for your support, for the bug reports, the suggestions. Thank you for believing in what we are building. Thank you for helping us take Tau Station to the next level.

Thank you also for the sense of community that you are bringing to Tau Station. Tau Station is just an infant, but you make it so much more special. Between your guides, the way you are welcoming players, supporting each other, you made Tau Station such a welcoming place.

Without meeting you personally, it’s a little bit as if we were sharing the same philosophy: only together we can make it happen; only together we can make it fun.

I am so grateful for that.

While the industry does not believe in Tau Station; MMOs are part of the past they say; text-based is for the unskilled developer putting in a few months of development they say; only mobile applications can succeed they say.

You, you are telling them that they are wrong.

Make noise, shout out, let the world know that Tau Station is here, that we can look at games differently. We do not have to put our brain aside when playing a game. Tell them that accessibility should be the norm.

You have in your hand my baby, our baby, and he will slowly grow into this beautiful adult. Independent, strong, witty and thoughtful. You have seen already how much Tau Station has been growing since the first day of Alpha. However, it’s nothing in comparison to what it will be. This week was all about the foundation of syndicates; let’s wait for the next few months and see where we are taking things.

To each one of you, I want to say again “thank you.” It has been such an amazing experience to see you discovering the fruit of our work, our sacrifices. But it could not have been in better hands.