Tau Station Features

  • A text-based, free-to-play science fiction MMORPG
  • An evolving setting affected by the actions of the players
  • Browser-based — no downloads or plug-ins required
  • Designed with accessibility at heart, following the AA standards of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  • Discover hundreds of space stations and story-based missions to complete at your own pace
  • Make tough decisions that can lead to different mission outcomes
  • Uncover the plot that brought humanity to the edge of extinction
  • Explore the interaction of human nature and science through thought-provoking stories

Welcome to Tau Station

I'm doing heater runs in Taungoo when a contact I haven't heard from in years asks me to quietly deliver a package to Nouveau Limoges, another station in the Sol System. The money's good so I head down to the port, hop in Amethyst, and launch. Amethyst's an older ship and she's higher maintenance than I'd like, but she keeps flying.

A little over 7 segments later (just over 1.5 hours, old Earth time) I arrive at Nouveau Limoges and that's when the trouble kicks in. I'm a Consortium citizen, but Nouveau Limoges is a Gaule station and I forgot to renew my visa. Immigration computers notice my status and Amethyst's nav system is overridden to auto-deport me. Meanwhile, I was supposed to deliver the package in my hold within 8 segments and now it's starting to change shape. I think I've been set up.

Welcome to humanity's future, 189 AC (After Catastrophe). I know you want to ask what that means in Earth years, but we're not rightly sure. Most of what we knew was lost when the databanks were purged, as was the exact year. From survivors…

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